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Frying Pans


Is a “green frying pan” truly green?

We are staunch advocates of healthy cookware that does not pose any threat to people or to the environment.  Oftentimes, this type of cookware is described as “green.”  Unfortunately, so-called green cookware does not always live up to the name.  Is a frying pan truly safe or is it green in name only?

We also have to consider the claim that old-style Teflon cookware is now new-and-improved and does pose any hazard.  Our response is simple:  Does it contain any PTFE?  Is there any chance, no matter how remote, that hazardous PFOA may be released into your home?  Because of the availability of alternative nonstick cookware, we believe that the manufacturer must unambiguously declare that the cookware is “free of PFOA and PTFE”- nothing less will suffice.

What is the best nonstick frying pan?

Again, we have an issue with semantics.  We believe that the “best nonstick cookware” should not only be safe and eco-friendly, but that it should actually perform.  This is particularly an issue with ceramic cookware.  Users often rave about the performance of ceramic cookware at the onset only to discover that the nonstick degrades after a few weeks or months. 

In our Hard-Anodized Ceramic Cookware post, we advised everyone to never use cooking sprays on ceramic cookware.   Use just a small amount of cooking oil or butter.  In the case of hard-anodized aluminum cookware, low to moderate heat is desirable as well.  Anodized cookware heats up very quickly and efficiently, there is really no reason to use a higher heat setting.  Following a few simple prescripts will avoid needless wear and tear on your nonstick frying pan.


Cookware User Feedback

We are actively seeking feedback from users who have had a positive experience with a particular brand of cookware, especially over the long term.  We are focusing especially on frying pans, because a user is more likely to use larger amounts of cooking oil or excessive heat when frying.  For our part, we have searched for examples of a fry pan that seems to be holding up in performance.  We would appreciate the feedback of other users.  Please consider and comment on the following:

Ceramic Fry Pan

The Vinaroz Die Cast Aluminum Fry Pan with Ceramic Coating is a great buy – probably the best ceramic fry pan for the money.  The performance, at least so far, has been great and it is safe.  Better yet, it is exceptionally low-priced – a great value if there ever was one.  We discussed this fry pan and other Vinaroz products in our in our Ceramic Coated Cookware post.

The Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Frying Pan has a great track record.   Much like Cuisinart, Ozeri is touting a new all-natural ceramic coating that is completely free of PTFE and PFOA.  The GREBLON ceramic is made in Germany.  Anodized aluminum makes for a very fast and efficient heating surface, another great advantage.  A green frying pan with superb performance, the Ozeri is more expensive than the Vinaroz fry pan.  Both frying pans are terrific products, but we would lean towards the Ozeri as a long term investment.

Look at the number of reviews!  

Electric Fry Pan

We wondered if it would be possible to find an electric skillet that is nonstick and eco-friendly.  Most electric frying pans are stainless steel or the usual Teflon-type fry pan.  The Cuisinart GreenGourmet Nonstick Electric Skillet has an overall rating of 4-stars.  Nonetheless, some reviewers have had a very negative experience.  Based on the comments of a few reviewers, we suspect there is a problem in quality control.  Cuisinart cookware with the Ceramica coating seems very promising, but we would be hesitant to recommend this particular product until the manufacturing issues are worked out.

Rachael Ray Cookware Set

Finally, we wanted to find a complete set of nonstick cookware that would include several sizes of frying pans.  After considerable searching, we found that the only nonstick cookware set that we could recommend is the Rachael Ray cookware set we had previously recommended in our Porcelain Enamel Cookware post.

Reminder:  We would appreciate your feedback.  What has been your experience with ceramic coated cookware and enamelware?


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