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Stovetop Grilling Videos


How to Use a Stovetop Grill

Everyone enjoys cooking videos.  Watch our three favorite grilling videos to learn more about using a stovetop grill.  This is a follow-up to our previous post where we shared five simple tips for grilling indoors.  (Click here to visit

Chef Ed Does Dual Grill Pans

Chef Ed demonstrates how easy it is to grill indoors.  What an amazing array of delicious foods!

Tip:  Wood skewers work great for indoor grilling, but don’t forget to soak them in water.  The best thing about wood skewers is that they are not hot to the touch.  No burned fingers!

Bobby Flay Grills Steak Indoors

Bobby Flay demonstrates how to grill steak, sweet potatoes, and Vidalia onions – all on a stovetop grill.  Can you believe that a steak grilled indoors tastes as good as a steak grilled outdoors?

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Tip:  Lightly coat the steaks (warmed to room temperature) with canola oil and then sprinkle with a liberal amount of salt and pepper.  Makes a great crust!

Grilling Chicken Indoors 

Want a quick and healthy meal?  Nothing beats grilled chicken breasts.  In this cooking video, Kathy Maister shows us how to use a grill pan.

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Tip:  Avoid the temptation to turn the meat too many times during grilling.  Turning too often prevents the meat from searing properly. 


Most Popular Stovetop Grill 


Lodge Grill/Griddle
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Look at all the reviews!  Lodge is probably the most popular brand of stovetop grill.  Definitely, the most highly-rated model is the Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Grill/Griddle. It is not a true nonstick, but if properly seasoned, it will perform like one.  Most importantly, cast iron cookware is healthy – no danger of Teflon toxicity here.  The Lodge indoor grill is large enough to cover two burners.  Turn it over and you have a great way to make lots of pancakes!

Still prefer a true nonstick grill or griddle?  The Cuisinart grill has the safe nonstick Ceramica coating.  You can also get a Cuisinart ceramic griddle.  Both were discussed in a previous post.  (Click here to learn more)  

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