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Stove Top Grill

Indoor grilling of salmon steaks
Grilled Salmon Steaks

Indoor Grilling Made Easy

Five simple tips make grilling a happy, healthy experience - it is as easy as that.  Too often cooking is made difficult because we make it too complicated.  However, for the indoor grill master, the intrinsic flavor created by the grilling process itself is the critical part.  Focus on these few simple things and you will be amazed at what you can do with a stove top grill: 

#1   Buy the best.  Unless you plan on drowning your food in sauce, there is really no substitute for high quality food.  Usually this means buying local.  Are you a locavore?  Pay careful attention to the “use by” date on packages. The fresher the better is the rule.  Another approach is to buy from a specialty food outlet - this is really fun when you are hosting a special lunch or dinner with friends.


Omaha Steaks Marinated Salmon Fillets

Omaha Steaks Gourmet Variety Packs


Indoor grilling of Omaha steaks.
Grilled Omaha Steaks
#2   Don’t start cold.  Never put cold food on a grill.  This is especially true when using a stove top grill.  Food will cook faster and more evenly, inside and out, if it is allowed to warm up before grilling.  Steaks can simply be allowed to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.  They won’t spoil.  Ditto for fresh veggies.  Chicken and seafood are different, but you can take the chill out by rinsing the raw food in lukewarm water and then patting it dry with a paper towel.  Another trick employed by some cooks is to place the food in a warm oven for a several minutes.  Note: Use the “warm” oven setting – you want to warm it, not cook it.

#3   Searing is essential.  People often confuse grilling with barbequing.  For ribs and other Southern-style foods, “low and slow” is the trick.  (Several hours at 220 – 230 degrees Fahrenheit)  Grilling, however, requires searing the outside of the food to lock in the essential juices and flavors.  Too often people place food on a grill that is not at a searing temperature.  Hot and fast is the way to go for indoor grilling.

#4   Know your equipment.  There is a difference between a grill and a griddle.  Both have their advantages.  A griddle is more of a multi-purpose tool that can be used for pancakes or waffles and occasionally for grilling.  Do you know why a true “indoor grill” has ridges?  Besides making an attractive series of sear marks on the food items, the raised surface allows hot air to circulate underneath.  The vapors and smoke that are released enhance the grilled flavor. 

GreenGourmet Grill Pan
#5   Go green.  The old fashioned cast iron grill is commonplace.  Never use Teflon-style nonstick cookware for grilling.  The high temperature can produce volatile compounds that are toxic.  Cuisinart GreenGourmet nonstick cookware works great and is eco-friendly.  For indoor grilling, we recommend the GreenGourmet Grill Pan as a stove top grill.   (Click here to learn more.)  It is oven safe so you can lock in the great grill flavor and then transfer the grill to the oven to finish cooking.  Be aware that Ceramica hard-anodized cookware heats up at a lower temperature than other cookware, especially cast iron cookware.  A low to medium range-top setting is recommended.

Simple and healthy – that’s all there is to it - indoor grilling at its best.  Enjoy!

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