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Ceramic Coated Cookware

Best Ceramic Cookware

Homemakers are simply amazed when they use “ceramic coated cookware” for the first time.  There is little need for cooking oil.  The cooking surface is so slick that fried eggs or other food items simply slide out of the pan.  Nonstick to an extreme is one way to describe the experience.  However, the chief problem with most ceramic cookware is not the initial performance – it is service life.  The best ceramic cookware should work just as well after six months of use as it does the first day.  Unfortunately, with many brands that is not the case.

Ceramic Coated Cookware

A good example is the Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri.  User reviews essentially fall into two classes:  The first class is comprised of people who used the product, were amazed by the performance and promptly wrote a very favorable review.  The second class consists of individuals who waited for several months and then wrote a review.  In these cases, the users were generally very disappointed, even though they would admit that their initial opinion was very positive.  After a period of time, an Ozeri pan will develop a film and it no longer functions as nonstick cookware.  Unfortunately, this pattern is evident in almost every brand of ceramic cookware.  One exception would appear to be ceramic coated cookware from Vinaroz.

Ceramic Skillet

At Kitchen Essentials, our initial investigations focused on identifying the best ceramic skillet.  As stated (insert image here) before, very few brands exhibited consistent long-term performance.   In fact, the only brand that rivaled the Vinaroz Ceramic Coated Fry Pan was the BergHOFF Scala Frying Pan with Ceramic Coating. Both ceramic skillets were given 4-star ratings by Amazon customers.  We would favor the Vinaroz because of a larger number of reviewers.  Moreover, the Vinaroz Wok and the two sizes of Vinaroz casseroles were also rated very highly which speaks well of Vinaroz workmanship and the overall quality of Vinaroz products.  Please check out the products below:


Ceramic Cookware Sets

Amazon customers can use the Frequently Bought Together function to create their own ceramic cookware set.  Each piece of Vinaroz cookware is made of die cast aluminum.  Unlike traditional Teflon-style cookware, ceramic coated pans are tolerant of high heat – a highly desirable feature when searing a steak, creating a fond, or making a stir-fry.  The cooking surface is beautiful and of course it is both non-stick and non-toxic.  Ceramic coated cookware is very attractive and we encourage readers to view the products online. 

Read What Others Say:

“My wife loves this. Now I must buy 2 more for her.”
“After owning this for a couple months now I have to say that I love this pan.”
“It is amazing and I have been cooking for over 35 years.”
“Just used this pan to make a cheese omelette and had to run to the keyboard and give a review. This pan is nothing short of perfect.”

Ceramic Coated Pans Are Great! 


Update:  We have been following the development of nonstick Cuisinart cookware, specifically hard-anodized ceramic cookware sold as GreenGourmet.  Looks very promising.  Click here to learn more.


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