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Scanpan Ceramic Skillet


Ceramic Coated Cookware

Green Tek ceramic cookware

Ceramic coated cookware is superior to traditional Teflon-style nonstick cookware.  Ceramic cookware is more tolerant of high temperatures, has outstanding nonstick qualities, and most importantly, has none of the potential toxicity issues associated with Teflon.  In a previous post, we recommended Vinaroz cookware; however, the Green Tek titanium ceramic cookware marketed as Scanpan is growing in popularity.  We especially like the “Scanpan Classic” which has been rated very highly by users.  In this post, we review Scanpan Classic cookware, especially the ceramic skillet.  We have limited our survey to just those products that have been given a rating of at least 4 by numerous Amazon customers.

Scanpan Classic

Scanpan Classic cookware has a hi-tech titanium ceramic finish that makes for a superior nonstick cooking surface.  Little or no cooking oil is required.  In fact, the use of nonstick sprays is not recommended because the resulting film build-up destroys the nonstick quality of the ceramic cookware.  The manufacturer states that the Scanpan Classic ceramic skillet is dishwasher safe; however, clean-up is so simple that we recommend hand cleaning – usually just a few swipes with a paper towel will suffice.  The Scanpan Classic has a solid aluminum base which makes for a heavier ceramic skillet.  Some users object to the heavier weight, but in fact the heavy aluminum construction of the ceramic skillet delivers a superior distribution of heat.  With proper care (No nonstick sprays!), Scanpan cookware will last many years.  A service of life of 15-20 years is not uncommon.  Metal cooking utensils can be used with Scanpan Classic cookware.   Scanpan ceramic cookware is generally compatible with most types of cooking surfaces, including induction cooking surfaces.  

Scanpan Classic vs. Scanpan Professional or Scanpan CTX

The Scanpan Classic ceramic skillet has a handle that is made from a phenolic resin.  Despite its appearance, the handle is not plastic - it will actually tolerate oven temperatures up to 500 degrees.  Scanpan Professional and Scanpan CTX products have aluminum handles.  Some users have had an experience where a hot aluminum handle was accidentally touched.  Because of the burn hazard, we do not recommend the Scanpan Professional or the Scanpan CTX models.

Ceramic Skillet

We would recommend either the Scanpan Classic 10 ¼-inch ceramic fry pan or the 14-inch ceramic skillet.  Both are highly rated and are covered by the standard Scanpan lifetime warranty.


Scanpan Classic 3 Piece Cookware Set

Save money!  Get the same 10 ¼-inch ceramic skillet as above plus a 6 ½ quart Scanpan ceramic pot and a glass top that fits both.  A great value!


Scanpan Classic 10-inch Crepe Pan

Fantastic reviews!  A ceramic crepe pan with nearly a 5-star rating is a great buy.  Make the most perfect crepes ever and do it with ease!


Scanpan Classic Square Griddle

A Scanpan Classic griddle cooks all kinds of meats without sticking and the clean-up is simple!  And you have a lifetime warranty!



ScanPan Classic Roasting Pan

Read the reviews!  Everybody needs a nonstick roasting pan and the Scanpan roasting pan is the best!



Scanpan Classic 11 Piece Deluxe Cookware Set

Make a lifetime investment!  If there is a problem with any of these items, send the whole lot back at anytime and start over!  How can you lose?



Scanpan Warranty

Scanpan is known for its lifetime warranty and this guarantee applies to all Scanpan Classic ceramic cookware.  Customers are strongly advised to follow the user instructions to avoid invalidating the warranty.  Read more here.

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